Puppy Foundation Course

Duration: 5 Weeks

You and your puppy will receive guidance under instruction in a variety of essential exercises designed to compliment your puppies development and integration into the family.

The priority when training a puppy is to develop their confidence and association with play, with treats, toys and you. A play and learn approach allows you to teach your puppy to target, this is the action of your dog following your hand for a reward.

Once your puppy is motivated you can then direct them to perform actions, and accompany the actions with commands when they are ready.

Positive associations are essential when socialising your puppy, another key aspect to puppy development. The goal is for your puppy to develop a playful yet steady association with other dogs, people and everyday situations. A sociable yet steady dog will be more amenable and biddable when receiving directions from you.

The Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course has been developed with socialisation, environment exposure, positive command based exercises and safe handling techniques in mind. This is the ideal start of your dog training journey.