Dog Behaviour – Risk Assessment

Differing from a standard dog behaviour assessment, this service solely includes a risk assessment, risk report, and handler assessment. Training, development and rehabilitation can be discussed but is not the intended purpose of this service. Please email for further information.

Risk Assessment: Have you and your dog assessed by dog trainer and behaviourist Craig Richardson – as an expert witness Craig has been instructed on over 300 occasions to assist the courts relating to dangerous dogs offences. When instructed Craig attends assessment locations throughout the U.K. and conducts a thorough assessment of the dog in question, with emphasis on the dogs tolerance, and response to stressors that may cause a behaviour change. Further to this Craig then prepares a comprehensive report to assist the courts during trial, or sentencing.

If you are a solicitor wishing to instruct Craig relating to dangerous dog, or animal welfare charges please email

Suitable for:

  • Adoption agencies
  • Animal rescue centres
  • People wishing to adopt, or foster children
  • Potential P.A.T. dogs
  • Owners of dogs that have been involved in an incident that may result in civil prosecution (please note the price may vary for this)
  • Owners of dogs that have been involved in a minor incident, which has caused some concern
  • Insurance agencies
  • Interested owners

Attending the centre your dog will undergo a detailed risk assessment, with a risk assessment report provided after. This report will assist dog owners in creating a better understanding of their dog, and its overall behaviour, which may assist dog owners for either their own interest, or assist dog owners that may be concerned about their dog and behaviours they may be displaying.

An alternative service provided by Craig is a dog behaviour assessment, the intention of this service being to rehabilitate, and assist dog owners in achieving balance with their dog that may be displaying some, or a variety of behavioural issues.

Most dogs and owners need ongoing support, guidance and time to improve and progress with training their dog, in a balanced and consistent manner. The report provided will detail any recommended training, and information to assist dog owners further.

What’s Included?

  • Risk Assessment – to take place at the training centre. Your dog will undergo a risk assessment to establish their tolerance, and to ascertain whether the dog exhibits any behaviours that fall outside of a normal range.
  • Report – after the risk assessment you will be provided with a report within 7 days. The report will detail the findings of the assessment, and contain recommendations relating to behavioural or conventional training.
  • The assessment will take in the region of 2 hours. You will be required to attend and remain on-site, but may not be required for some of the assessment.

* if you have any issues please email us on *

About your assessor: Craig Richardson

Craig has been training dogs since the age of 5. He has helped rehabilitated hundreds of dogs during his career & strives to promote responsible dog ownership. Below are a few of Craig’s professional accreditations;

  • Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
  • Member of The Canine & Feline Dog Behaviour Association – A leading association in dog behaviour
  • Member of The Dog Training Institute Association
  • Dog Behaviour Assessor – Over 300 instructions as an Expert Witness throughout the U.K – Assessing dogs in relation to The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (93), The Guard Dogs Act 1975 and The Animal Welfare Act 2006
  • NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) – Approved Instructor
  • Specialist Dog Training & Care Advisor – Abu Dhabi Police Force
  • Detection & Protection Canine Specialist for the training and deployment of dog and handler teams in the security industry
  • 18 years professional experience as a pet and security dog trainer and instructor

Below are a few of many issues that Craig deals with on a day to day basis;

  • Inter dog related aggression
  • Human related dog aggression
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Re-Directed Aggression
  • Anxiety – All the time, random times, specific times
  • Possessive Behaviour
  • Specialist Training

Craig Richardson has worked as a professional dog handler, trainer, dog behaviourist and dangerous dogs assessor for 18 years.

His specialist fields are dangerous dogs, prohibited dogs breed conformation, dog behaviour and the welfare of dogs.

He has worked as a professional dog trainer and behaviourist at West Lancs Canine Centre since 2003. This role has been varied from general to advanced dog obedience instruction, Craig is a member of most of the U.K`s leading dog behaviour and training institutions. He has developed his understanding of dog behaviour, dealing with training and many behaviour modification cases over the years. In 2013 Craig was accepted as a full member of The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. He has been the sole proprietor at West Lancs Canine Centre since 2010.

Your instructor:
Craig Richardson