1-2-1 Training

Vicky has been involved in dog training all her life.

For more than 20 years Vicky keenly assisted in her family business developing Greyhounds for racing, this ignited and maintained her passion to develop a dog’s drive and interest for training.

Her experience with greyhounds led Vicky into rehabilitation, often she would be given dogs that were highly aggressive that nobody else would take, during this time Vicky rehabilitated dozens of dogs which were then re-homed to live long and happy lives.

Since then Vicky has ventured into pet dog training and working dog training and her passion lies with integrating the two, in her own words “I just want each dog to reach their own unique potential, whether that’s just the basics or more”.


  • Dog on dog related aggression
  • Basic to Advanced Obedience / Control Training
Your Instructor:
Vicky Naylor